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Kentucky Schools Tripping Up On Common Core Standards
Kentucky Schools Tripping Up On Common Core Standards

AIR DATE: November 15, 2012

Kentucky was the first state to take up the Common Core Standards, a set of educational goals also adopted by Nevada. Recently the first results from new testing under those standards were released. How did Kentucky kids perform? Worse than before. But some people expected it because the new standards are higher. We look at what that could mean for Clark County kids once the Common Core Standards are established in Nevada.
Andrew Ujifusa, Writer, Education Week


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    My wife is a school teacher in Clark County. Her public school gives her no text books, training or teacher guides to teach the common core standards. School leadership told her to use "google" as a substitute. The school also sends emails to teachers to cut back on printing materials. My wife spends her entire weekend finding and creating material.
    ChrisNov 13, 2012 20:59:05 PM
    Judging from the results they inevitably get, the education "experts" need to just go away and let teachers revert to doing whatever was done in 1960. After college, some of those kids helped put a man on the moon; current graduates can't even balance their checkbook. And think of all the teachers one could hire using the savings associated with eliminating all of CCSD's (evidently useless) educational pedagogy positions!!
    Tom HurstNov 12, 2012 19:07:17 PM
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