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What's on Your Mind?
What's on Your Mind?

AIR DATE: July 26, 2012

If you're sick and tired of all the talking heads and the unending partisanship, don't despair. Today's program is your chance to tell us and the rest of the community what is on your mind. What is it that you think needs fixing? What are the questions you think everyone is ignoring right now? Does Nevada need to rethink its lax gun show laws after the mass shootings in Colorado? Should we be making assault rifles entertainment? Or do you think casino moguls Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn have become too involved in Republican Party politics? Should Boyd Gaming set an example for the Las Vegas Strip and simply scrap its Echelon plans until it's really ready to build? Tell us what you think.
Patrick Coolican, columnist, LV Sun
Rebecca Zisch, freelance writer and lecturer in Women' Studies, UNLV


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    Those who think that ordinary citizens should not have military equipment and guns are naively ignorant of history, for democide - mostly genocide and politicide, but in any case death by the hands of one's own government as that government seeks power and control - is by far the largest killer of people, dwarfing those killed in wars by at least 20 times. Estimates of just 20th century democide run to nearly 200 million murders by the state, and throughout history probably exceeds half a billion.
    Tom HurstJul 25, 2012 08:46:40 AM
    Fear, ignorance, suppression and organized religion draw more blood than the American Govt has against its own people. The thought that my neighbor can own a tank or missile launcher because the Govt is attacking us is and part of our Constitutional right is absolutely absurd. Thinking like that is as dangerous and fringe that created Columbine and Aurora.
    MercedesJul 25, 2012 20:06:07 PM
    "How 'bout a tank?". Awesome. Thank you Mr. Coolican.
    MercedesJul 24, 2012 20:38:00 PM
    Assault is illegal everywhere. The fact that it's called an "assault" weapon should make them illegal
    John BonadonnaJul 24, 2012 20:31:21 PM
    It bothers me that only the media and politicians are making a logical leap to the 2nd Amendment. Nobody within my circle has. This has nothing to do with gun rights. The logical leap would be to reconsider our death penalty laws. This man (if convicted) will cost the people of Colorado $100-$120 thousand dollars annually on death row. Seems like an unfair sentence to the people of Colorado.
    JamesJul 24, 2012 09:47:29 AM
    Pat, you can't own them. You need to spend a little time on the BATF website before you start commenting on these things.
    steve b.Jul 24, 2012 09:28:24 AM
    I agree with the previous caller Ed regarding gun control, it it not the governments responsibilty to protect me, and they couldnt if they wanted to. The 2nd ammendment was created so we can protect ourselves. Its time to shake off the ever infrinding goverment. That being Said I want to talk about the incident that happened in Anaheim on Saturday broad daylight wherein a cop ran down an unarmed man, shot him in the back, and than shot him in the head while he was down killing him. When the community expressed their rightful outrage the police opened fire with rubber bullets on mostly women and children, letting a police dog go on them...Then offering to BUY their video phones. Hours Later the same Police department in the same neighborhood shot and killed another man fleeing in a stolen want to talk about gun control I want to talk about Cop control.
    Jennifer FlorioJul 24, 2012 09:25:40 AM
    Yes, Mr. Milcrest (sp?), Mr. Obama gets applause for military action against foreigners. We in America are in love with our 400 year "Indian War" which has resulted in the deaths (and worse) of millions of people. Are not you concerned about the increasing militarization of our police departments, the "Patriot" act, the authority assumed by Obama that he can assassinate any American he may wish, etc., etc .??
    ed uehlingJul 24, 2012 09:24:31 AM
    you need to get some people who actually know what they are talking about. Rebecca is pretty much wrong on everything she comments on. She is misquoting the law.
    steve b.Jul 24, 2012 09:23:50 AM
    To politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government: Please, please, please, STOP the spending, STOP the regulating, and STOP the taxing. Just fire yourselves and let me live my life in peace and prosperity. You parasites (government) are killing the hosts (citizens!
    Tom HurstJul 24, 2012 08:50:36 AM
    Mr. Hurst is 100% correct. Why does KNPR refuse to present non-government solutions? The station is an apologist for government bureaucracies and actions at all levels. Instead of asking us what we are concerned about, this program is promoting more government!!!!
    Ed UehlingJul 24, 2012 09:11:27 AM
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