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Senator Heller's Lost Papers
Senator Heller's Lost Papers

AIR DATE: April 29, 2014

Earlier this month, Nevada’s GOP Senator Dean Heller went into the TV studio at NBC News 3 here in Las Vegas. Sitting next to Senator Harry Reid, Heller was asked what he thought about Cliven Bundy’s militia – a group Reid had described as "domestic terrorists."

"What Senator Reid may call domestic terrorists, I call patriots," Heller responded.

Shortly after he called Bundy’s militia patriots, Heller left News 3 in a hurry to get to the airport, according to his staff. And that would be the end of the story, except that Heller’s staff left some papers in the studio – and to tell us what these papers reveal is Jon Ralston of Ralston Reports.


Jon Ralston, Ralston Reports

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