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Utah Keeps 'Utes' As Mascot
Utah Keeps 'Utes' As Mascot

AIR DATE: April 18, 2014

The University of Utah team will continue to be known as the Utes.

The Salt Lake City-based university and the Ute Indian Tribe have come to a five-year agreement over the use of the mascot name, which means the drum and feather logo will remain a part of the athletic department.

The deal also centers around efforts to help reservation youths go to college. Utah agreed to fund scholarships not only for American Indian students, but also specifically for Ute tribal members, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

In 2005, the NCAA attempted to restrict the school's use of the Ute's nickname, but Utah won an appeal and signed an agreement with the tribe.

That original agreement expired in 2009 but no one noticed.

Even as there is a national movement to end all or most Native American nicknames for teams, this agreement will guarantee the two groups work together for years to come and the university will continue to be called the Utes.


Gordon Howell, chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee.

Terry Gildea, news director with KUER-FM in Salt Lake City

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