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Mexico Uncovered
Mexico Uncovered

AIR DATE: December 31, 2013

Daniel Hernandez, hosting from Mexico City, is our guide, as we Uncover Mexico. You probably think you know Mexico because a.) you’ve been on vacation there, b.) because we’re neighbors, or c.) you have family there. But in spite of our proximity to Mexico, it remains a mystery to many. And what we typically see in the media is a laundry list of stereotypes and generalizations. So what is the real Mexico? Join Daniel Hernandez as he introduces us to the Mexico you don’t know.

Mexican Classrooms
We travel to rural Mexico where classrooms are bursting with children born in the United States. For the first time in 40 years, there are as many Mexicans returning home as coming into the U.S. - this due to stricter immigration laws and because the U.S. economy has been sluggish while the Mexican economy has picked up. We explore the ways in which Mexican communities are coping with these new residents from the United States.

High-Tech Manufacturing
We travel to Puebla and the largest auto factory in North America, employing 18,000 people. High-tech manufacturing in Mexico is booming. Mexico was once known for cheap manufacturing, but as that sort of business fled to Asia, Mexico has concentrated on auto manufacturing and other higher-tech industries. Many Mexicans are benefiting from this new high-tech economy while many others are being left behind. Half of Mexico still lives below the poverty line.

An Unusual Mexican Orchestra
One Mexican artist is taking guns - one by one - out of commission. Pedro Reyes is an artist; his medium of choice is firearms, and his studio is full of weapons confiscated by the Mexican police. Packed neatly in boxes are 6,700 guns - revolvers, machine guns, shotguns, rifles, even some grenade launchers. Reyes fashions these guns into musical instruments - from violins to xylophones to flutes to entire drum sets - and he’s formed an ensemble to play them.

Culinary Destination
Mexico City is hailed as one of the most sought-after culinary destinations in the world. And some of the best restaurants are making a point to use local ingredients to create masterpieces, at the same time being true to the rich origins of Mexican cooking. Daniel Hernandez takes us to a food fair to check out some of the new chefs and taste their latest creations. The farm-to-table fair movement is happening here.

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