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Will Nevada Pass The Teacher Tax?
Will Nevada Pass The Teacher Tax?

AIR DATE: June 28, 2013

The vote on a  new Nevada business tax to support education is still more than a year away, but camps are already launching campaigns to sway voters.

The 2013 Legislature chose not to act on the bill for this margins tax, so now it goes before Nevadans who vote in the general election in November 2014. 

Sometimes called a teacher tax, it would be paid by Nevada businesses that gross more than $1 million a year. The money raised would be dedicated for education programs in Nevada, from kindergarten through 12th grade.



Lynn Warne, President, Nevada State Education Association

Bryan Wachter, Director of Government Affairs, Retail Association of Nevada

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Please stop calling it "The Teacher Tax".
justateacherJun 29, 2013 09:46:05 AM
Really? Have you any idea how much it costs to run a business? And on gross? You realize that's pre-tax. Taxes on taxes to the most inefficient system ever.
Wendy WebsterJun 28, 2013 11:33:52 AM
No, it won't be paid for by large businesses, but by the people who do business with such businesses. And Econ101 tells us that that will reduce business, making us all poorer for it. Besides, if the CCSD was even modestly efficient it could properly run the schools on, say, half of the money it now spends. With nearly half a million dollars per classroom per year, just where does the money go??? So, NO, let's not pass this wasteful, impoverishing tax!
Tom HurstJun 27, 2013 17:33:59 PM
I agree!
Mike Jul 2, 2013 04:20:13 AM
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