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Sen. Heller Votes For Immigration Reform
Sen. Heller Votes For Immigration Reform

AIR DATE: June 28, 2013

Sen. Dean Heller was thinking for some time how to vote on the comprehensive immigration bill which the Senate passed on Thursday. He finally supported the measure. But what made up his mind? He's also been named "Porker of the Month" by Citizens Against Government Waste. 



Karoun Demirjian, Washington Correspondent, Las Vegas Sun

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    20 million American citizens can't find any full time job! This is certainly my story. I share a job with another guy. We are both part time with no health benefits. I'm so hurt by Senator Heller's decision to legalize 11 million foreigners which will further depress the job situation. I will not forget this. Please join me at
    JackieJul 1, 2013 14:41:52 PM
    Many thanks to Senator Heller for his courageous vote. Resolving the immigration issue is important for our nation.
    Linnes ChesterJun 27, 2013 18:48:58 PM
    No surprises here, as anyone who follows Dean Heller knows that he's about as conservative as President Obama, i.e. he's NOT a conservative in any way. Of course, Mr. Heller would deny that (especially during election season), but actions speak far louder than words here. Indeed, I'd guess that this obvious political chameleon has disappointed nearly everyone who voted for him.
    Tom HurstJun 27, 2013 17:21:30 PM
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