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The History Of  Las Vegas' Underground House
The History Of Las Vegas' Underground House

AIR DATE: June 27, 2013

The underground house on 3970 Spencer Street just went on the housing market for $1.7 million. But what's the story behind this curious Las Vegas residence? Why was Las Vegas seen as a prime place for building a home 25 feet under the ground? Historian Mark Hall-Patton explains one of Nevada's mysteries.


Mark Hall-Patton, Clark County Museums Administrator


(Photo: F. Andrew Taylor/View)

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    Considering their many significant advantages, it's too bad that we won't be seeing any affordable underground homes built. The County departments responsible for approving such construction obstruct and cause great added expense for those trying to build above-ground concrete-filled styrofoam homes (yet another great technology), and I even know people who've had serious problems trying to get certified, pre-engineered steel buildings permitted. I can only imagine that an underground house is all but impossible unless one has infinite funds for engineering studies and bribes.
    Tom HurstJun 27, 2013 12:24:20 PM
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