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Ode to a Frozen Mocha Java/Coffee Pub


2800 W. Sahara Ave.


When I was a much younger man, like around eleven years ago I used to hang out with a guy named Marty - doing things most single guys in their thirties know: reading, playing chess, listening to opera, those sorts of things ...Occasionally, like maybe once or twice a year...tops, Marty would suggest a double date-- which was always a daunting prospect ...mainly because he was much better at meeting women than I was. Now I always attributed his success with women to the pub he ran-- (ignoring the fact that he was younger and better looking)-a place that was always crammed with beautiful people of both sexes. Then and now, his highly caffeinated cafe was a gathering spot for movers, shakers and gorgeous mean attractive, successful women...and long before we sold our coffee souls to the evil empire, it was the best place in town to get a good cup o' Joe.

Well, I'm happy to report that the Coffee Pub is still packing them in and is still the anti-franchise in all the good ways. Only open for breakfast and lunch, it's a full service restaurant and bakery that has a steady stream of steady customers, a pleasant and efficient wait-staff, and a menu chock full of good things to eat. In case you hadn't noticed, the food at you-know-where, what little there is of it, is invariably over sugared, gummy or stale. And no matter how much you think you cant get through the morning without your vendi lendy grande Ethiopian laattelino, I defy you to take one sip of the Coffee Pub's Frozen Mocha Java, and tell me if it doesn't kick the frapp out of any Starbuck's drink. It's creamier, slightly chocolaty, and more subtle than its competitor-- and for my money, is the perfect morning slurp. Back in the day, I needed one, or sometimes two, after a night of ...uhhh...Monopoly played with my friend Marty. I thanked him then and now I thank him now for keeping the Coffee Pub it could do the same for me.

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