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MUSIC: “Here comes Santa Claus”

Ho Ho Ho…It’s that time of year again boys and girls…time for Santa to listen to what you want for Christmas. But first Santa needs to know if you’ve been naughty or nice. What about it little Johnny?

Well Santa, here are the reasons I deserve all the things on my wish list this year. First of all, for the first time in may years…I ate more Asian food than European…consumed more mineral water than wine….and even tried to like…..yeeechhh!!! tea. I think I deserve big presents for that.

Well maybe…but what about that foie gras habit of yours??

Ok, Ok some addictions are hard to kick…but give me some credit for hardly trifling with truffles for almost eight months…that is until the Italian white ones just came out….but I’m quaffing more Beaujolais than Bordeaux these days…and even reviewing sandwich shops for all my devoted KNPR listeners…isn’t that worth something?

It might be, but only if you’ve brought Santa some goodies from Bergin’s or Lenotre’s---Santa thinks they’re the only bake shop in town worth going to.

You know Santa, I thought you’d need some sweetening up

Yummmm….thank you Johnny, now what do you want for Christmas???

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How about a good restaurant in Green Valley for starters, or someplace nice to eat downtown…in one of the hotels for instance. Next I’d like see less bad Italian restaurants and more French Bistros…like that Josef’s in the Aladdin…it’s so good that no one foes there…which bring me to one of my biggest wishes Santa—that Las Vegans would start valueing quality over price…or at least with it. Or a food reviewer at the Review-Journal that knows something about food. And I want Marche Bacchus in my neighborhood, and some forty year old balsamico and some aged gouda cheese and…a pony!!!!

Now Johnny…you know most of these things will never happen.

I know…but can you at least try? Santa will do what he can…especially for another éclair.

Exit to “here comes Santa Claus” music.

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