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The Strip Sandwich Shop

Strip Sandwich Shop

Seeking the company of some manly males, I recently lunched with my friend Dan the man and his many men at the Strip Sandwich Sandwiches. And the manly sandwiches these merry men ate were grrrrreat…proving once again that the man knows from sandwiches.

Now in case you didn’t know it, this was something of a stretch for me….since I’m not exactly a guys guy, and sandwiches never pop into my head as a first choice for lunch. But Dan the man knows this and shoehorns me into his group occasionally, just to keep me in touch with trash talkin’ and sports scores.

Yes it’s true, while most men talk of the big game, things they’ve killed or would like to….and women’s anatomy, I’m usually dreaming of poached oysters and chablis, or wondering which Dim Sum Palace has the best cha su bao in town. These topics bring conversations to a halt among the testosterone enhanced….who usually look at me with the perplexion they save for their wife’s interior decorator. But no matter, I do my best to blend in…weighing in with opinions on things I know nothing about--like Derek Jeter’s curveball—and hoping no one notices that I’m paying more attention to the brisket than the baseball scores. And speaking of that brisket…this warm and beefy sandwich, piled high on good dense sourdough bread, and slathered with slaw, is one of many reasons to celebrate the less is more renaissance of downtown dining. At five dollars and thirty-five cents, it is seriously under priced. And with nothing over six bucks on the menu, the strip sandwich shop is the only place I’ve eaten in years that could double their prices and still be giving great bang for the buck. No matter what your sex, if you love meat between bread, be it brisket, pastrami on rye or a great Italian sub, you can’t find a better sandwich than at the strip… Now would someone please tell me when and why mountain ranges and rattlesnakes became baseball teams???

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Thursday, October 25, 2001
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