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The Marathon Begins...

Here's some food for thought: Last week I began singing the praises of Aqua, and I won’t stop till the fat lady cleans her plate. During my recent restaurant blitzkrieg, Aqua was my sixth gourmet dinner in a row and it was by far the best. Having eaten here on a number of occasions, I’ve come to take for granted the outstanding seafood in a stunning setting. Seafood is all about that which is freshest from the sea---and shellfish should bathe the senses in ocean breezes and brininess. If neither of these qualities are present, I say order a steak---but at aqua they always are--not an easy feat two hundred and fifty miles from the shore. Everything here is expensive creative and worth it. Wine lovers should get acquainted with Young Christophe Roland. He’s one of our town's best sommeliers overseeing a great list loaded with classic whites.

You’d think that I’d be screaming “uncle” about this time but no, there were still four more restaurants to hit. My guests thought we should lighten up for lunch and what better way than Japanese food. I’ve been bored with all the new joints in town but someone tipped me that an old favorite Kabuki on Twain at Maryland Parkway was hopping with a new chef. As quick as you can say samari wasabi--Kabuki had me won over. True, the dining room could use an overhaul---nothing has changed in the seventeen years since I first ate here, but the fish is fine and Chef Takashi-san is one to watch.

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But ya know, after all that sushi one can still be hungry, so I suggested a second lunch stop at old favorite Lindo Michoacan. Truth be told the lunch buffet seemed a little tired but, the place was still jumping with Mexicanos and gringos alike. Despite a less that stellar meal, Lindo Michoacan still holds the title of best Mexican restaurant until someone shows me a contender that can stay in the ring with its one-two punch of authentic Mexican food and a great atmosphere.

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Thursday, September 28, 2000
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