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This here's Billy Bob Briggs coming to you with an apology and a mouth full of crow. It seems that some of you intellectual types that listen to this here classical music are not as dumb as you sound. Some of you got so upset at what you thought was my prejudicial attitude and lack of historical knowledge that you complained to the station here and got ole' Bill Bob in deeper than a tadpole at a frog giggin' contest. But I'm here to set the record straight and show you that all the cheese has yet to slide off this old cracker. And furthermore, I'll show ya that I'm no quitter, heck was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??? I don't think so . . . so here she goes. . .

First of all, the only thing yours truly is bigoted about is bad food. I ain't got nuthin' against those muchachos south of the boarder . . . and to prove my point I went to a joint that's from waay down there . . . some country called El Salvador . . . which is probably tinier than a gnats rump but has given us the Salvadoreno restaurante on North Main Street. It rustles up some mighty fine grub at some mighty low prices, like a think grilled steak (called a churrazco or sumthin') with chorizo avocado tortillas and beans that is one fine plate of beef. And the whole kit and caboodle is only ten dollars. Yewee haaaa, that is one good deal and I'm here to tell ya the menu's full of 'em. Along with menu translations for some of you less cultured folk out there. There's even some downright weird stuff like fried bananas with cream -- try it you'll like it -- and something called a papusa -- that is not a deep fried papoose -- I know, I inquired, it's like a tamale, only better. Now the Salvadoreno is a good-sized restaurant, but it's in a bad place, so check it out for lunch . . . one more happy meal there and they might just start calling me the Gay Calballero of KNPR, that's not funny son.

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This is Billy Bob Briggs.

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