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March 02, 2015


Below are blogs of interest to the Nevada Public Radio community.

Desert Companion DailyDesert Companion Daily
When it comes to writing about food, I’m perhaps best described as a taco-belletrist — fast, cheap and okay with grease, benefitting from low expectations of fulfillment. You need someone to rhapsodize about a McRib or a pizza, a burrito or a burger, I’ll nom the hell out of...

Gold Plated DoorLas Vegas Arts and Culture
Tuesday February 24th 7:30pm Chamber music recital by the Horszowski Trio; hailed by The New Yorker as "Destined for great things," and each member: violinist Jesse Mills, Cellist Raman Ramakrishnan and pianist Reiko Aizawa, teaches at both Columbia and Bard Universities in New York City, program...

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