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September 30, 2014


Below are blogs of interest to the Nevada Public Radio community.

Desert Companion DailyDesert Companion Daily
Your green Arcadian hills do not interest me. The bird-bright eyes of every bird cared for, the way it is promised, the way it is written, everyone fat on their share of sun and seed. But I don’t see you in the dark streak of a cat crossing the street or the regal skunk in...

Gold Plated DoorLas Vegas Arts and Culture
Tuesday September 30th 7:30pm Doctoral recital by soprano Keri Rusthoi with pianist Kosta Popovich, program includes Berger, Strauss, Hundli and Poulenc UNLV Doc Rando Hall - Beam Music Center 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas NV 89101 Free and Open to the Public more info: 702-895-3332 Thursday...

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